SeaReach Engineering,LLC
Structural, NDT and Marine Inspection Services

SeaReach Engineering offers a wide range of inspection services  from ICC/IBC, AWS steel fabrication monitoring, ICC Certified Special Inspections, inspection of structural steel erection and  Marine consulting services. Your time is best devoted to your core business. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can become your QA/QC management team.

Services Offered:

Construction Inspection

Certified Welding Inspection AWS-CWI's

AISC Structural Steel Inspections

NDT Inspection-Ultrasonic  Inspections

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Liquid Penetratnt  Inspections

Radiography Inspections

Fiber Scope Remote Visual Inspections

Infared Tempertures

Moisture Inspections for concrete/wood

AISC-Bolt Inspections 

Parking Garage-Traffic Coating and membrane inspections

With years of proven experience let SeaReach Engineering be your First choices for dependable Inspections

From the Offshore industry to Structural Steel High Rise Buildings SeaReach has become one of the leaders in the Construction Inspection Management field.
SeaReach operates from office locations in Boston and Scituate, Massachusetts. We also joint venture with a national approved  Certified Testing Laboratory thus enhancing our ability to perform a wide range of construction material testing services over a greater area.
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